Brevity is the soul of wit (DBO)

by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 19:47 (3880 days ago) @ Avateur

10000 character limit? Makes having epic discussions and responding to long speculative posts (or posts below) really difficult, especially when quoting sections and replying below the quotes. I just had a hell of a time cutting back 4000 characters to get back to that 10000. This will stifle discussion in the future as Destiny content becomes meatier.

Probably not, and I'm not sure doing so would necessarily be a great idea. While I certainly respect the desire to converse at length about the wonderfulness of being a Bungie fan, gamer, and Destiny follower, 10,000 characters is quite a bit. I like to see the character limit as a built-in editing device. If you really and truly have so much to say that you're running significantly past that limit even after self-editing, then a "(Part 1)/(Part 2)" notation on multiple posts would probably be in order.

(and now I'll have to eat crow when Claude bumps the limit. :) )

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