Destiny Face Customization *IMG* (Destiny)

by Kalvin, Friday, August 30, 2013, 15:21 (3925 days ago)

Hello everyone, my name is Kalvin and I am new to the DBO Forum. I made my account because it was suggested by ncsuDuncan on dboTV. I wanted my first post to be about something I noticed in the Destiny footage that we have been show that not too many people seem to have noticed or talked about that much. In the Destiny Gameplay Trailer we can see two different instances where Guardians are shown without their Helmets on.

In the beginning of the video we can briefly see this Warlock without his helmet.
Click to enlarge

This Hunter is shown without a helmet.
Click to enlarge

I think that this is pretty interesting and it makes me wonder if we will be able to customize our Guardian's face, which would be very cool and add another number to Destiny's already abundant number of customization options.


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