So basically, I'm the antithesis of this. (Destiny)

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Hi. I'm the PvE guy. I FUCKING LOVE D2 PVP. It may be because I have been so far, over all, been kicking some serious casual ass, or whatever magic Bungie is using to match make, that has made basically all my games neck and neck edge to the seat feats of glee. Whatever. So far I've had a blast. I think the biggest thing as been, so far, I've not gone against try-hards, who make the game more then what it is. I just want to play, win or lose. Whatever. YEEEE-HA!


In a short list, here's why I hate D2:

  • You took away my favorite guns. Anyone who uses a sniper in PvP is stupid.

AKA - Change is hard? There are some pretty boss PVP guns out there, that aren't Exotics. Even if it is Mida, go have fun!

[*] You took away power ammo pretty much entirely. There are nights I never get a purple crate. The amount of times I have been shoulder charged by Titans as I try and get the power ammo is unreal.

I have had the opposite problem. I can most of time get the heavy. If someone is by it I leave them be. If no one is, I go for it. If a foe is gong for it, I try and stop them. If someone on my team tries to steal it from me when I got there first?... well fuck that guy. Ass.

[*] If you use a hunter in PvP, you're stupid, too. I currently cannot get my recovery above 2. You can't do crap if you're stuck waiting for 10 seconds to get your health back. Thank you Bungie for making my favorite class, which was already weak as f*&%, the most pointless class in the game.

My Hunter is flat out My PvP Main. Have you read my Not a Review Beta Post? I almost feel like I've seen this before.

[*] It's harder than ever for me to find someone to play with because the UI is worse and the fireteams are smaller. With no 6v6 option, I'm always playing solo. And solo don't got a f&^%ing chance anymore.

I play exclusively solo (not that I wouldn't mind some DBO Backup), and as mentioned most my games have been par after par. It's been blast.

All in all - DON'T PLAY DESTINY 2 LIKE DESTINY 1! That's in whole by the way. PVE & PVP.

To that's the 2¢ I have to give, Good Luck.

Edit: Added gfycat (.mp4) Links and embedded images. I've been collecting this stuff for... something. You may see it again in some form.

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