Eurogamer Expo (Destiny)

by Mr Danger, Scotland, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 19:32 (3923 days ago) @ kapowaz
edited by Mr Danger, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 19:37

Urk et al — are Bungie going to be presenting Destiny at Eurogamer Expo this September? I'm going along with some friends so it'd be great to see the game in person if you are.

Anyone else here attending?

I've got early entry tickets for the sunday, though I am in London all weekend. There is not alot of content confirmed yet. But as it stands I am planning on making a beeline for the oculus rift, hotline miami 2 and possibly Battlefield 4 if it's no a mental queue. As long as I get hands on with a PS4 for any game after that I'll be happy.

Though that plan will change if/when more stuff is confirmed. The last few years most things are only announced much closer to the Expo. Its a pity though as its pretty much sold out already. So I dont see the point in teasing out announcements. I.e it's still not confirmed if the Xbox One will even be there at all, despite it launching in a couple of months odd, AND Xbox being an offical "partner" of the expo itself.

Of course if there is a Destiny or Bungie presence announced(please please please!) all that stuff can gan expletive itself right off and that will be priority number one.

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