Is this a typo or... (Destiny)

by TTL Demag0gue ⌂ @, Within the shadow of the Traveler, Wednesday, September 04, 2013, 18:28 (3919 days ago) @ NsU Soldier

PSB: Can you tell us more about the different classes in Destiny?

DeeJ: Destiny is all about making personal decisions. The first choice that any player will make is which class of Guardians they want to embody. You can be a Titan, just about heavy armour and brute strength; you can be a Hunter, which is about stealth tactics, or you can be a Warlock, which is all about using the enormous power of the Travellers.

I'm guessing it's a transcript from a verbal interview, and some people just can't spell 'Traveler'. Or use correct grammar. :)

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