PAX 2013: Xenos's Rambling Write-up *OT* (DBO)

by uberfoop @, Seattle-ish, Thursday, September 05, 2013, 22:10 (3260 days ago) @ Xenos

cornered DeeJ about him joining one of our community game nights (more about that later)

Seems like that's going successfully!

The rest of the night was spent discussing various video games with an incredibly drunk Uberfoop.

It's not like my opinion of FFXIII was going to tell itself to people.


That night we had the DBO/HBO community meet-up. I spent a lot of time discussing Bungie games with Craig Hardgrove of NASA/Guardians of Destiny and received an awesome Hot Wheels Curiosity rover from him for mentioning the secret codeword.

That hot wheels rover is amazing. I took home the adorable ROVER XING sticker!


I also got to meet Luke Timmins and we discussed the Halo launch for awhile. He told a pretty awesome story about CES the year Halo launched where nobody cared what Halo or the XBox were. Basically they put Luke and one other Bungie employee in charge of showing off the XBox at the Microsoft booth and told him to show off Halo campaign. Almost nobody came and nobody could figure out how to play. So on the second day they told Microsoft to eff off and setup Halo multiplayer on all four stations and gathered a crowd just from them playing snipers 1v1. That's when Luke knew Halo was going to do well.

Luke was full of awesome stories.

It was a great time and I loved meeting all of you that I did meet! Hopefully I will see you guys again in the future!


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