PlayStation Blogcast Ep.88 (Destiny)

by Hedge ⌂, Australia, Sunday, September 08, 2013, 11:27 (3916 days ago)

PlayStation media manager Sid Shuman spoke on the latest blogcast about taking the winners of the Vblogger competition Sony were running to Bungie studios during PAX. He also mentions he will get Bungie on a future blogcast. For now though, here's a transcript of how a tour came about.

Sid Shuman: One of the things I think is so interesting about Bungie is that they are deadly serious about community. Like, they do not mess around with that. They are insanely generous with community and they will go way out of their way, waaaaaay out of their way to make sure community is taken care of at all times.
Just a case in point when I mentioned to Deej, he's my friend up there, who works with the community team and it was only a couple of days before I headed to Pax with you guys and I was looking for some stuff for us to do. I was like, Bungie's up there and I know those guys pretty well so let's see what they're up to. I was like "hey, have you got anything going on? You guys got any activities or anything" and they were "Oh yeah, bring 'em up to the studio." I didn't have to say anything. They just love that. They love to meet new fans. They love to meet PlayStation gamers so, yeah. They are always so welcoming and so great.

One of the Vblogger winners then talks about seeing the studio, the mocap room, people at work. Nothing in detail, just how cool the experience was.

It starts at the 1:27:00 mark here if you're interested in hearing what you just read. But, you just read it. Huh. Just a cool little mention of what we already know about Bungie:)


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