Destiny 1 Box Acronym - End portion guess? (Destiny)

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Most recent Acronym post for Destiny 2
(Also, don't ever forget, these Acronyms go WAY back)

Since the prior Destiny games Acronyms have not been solved as of yet that I am aware of, I've been trying to keep a rolling list going of the Destiny Era Acronyms. The current list I've been sort of lovingly maintaining contains the Destiny 1 Acronym:


The other night I was playing some Destiny 2 and I had a possible revelation regarding the end portion of the Destiny 1 Box Acronym?

I believe it may be 'Totally Out Of Our Control' or something similar?
A saying like this seems like a very plausible use for 3 O's in a row like that.
Not to confuse the situation any, the final word control could be substituted with the word Comfort, Character, or something else?

It pretty much just popped into my head! I'm not sure if it could have been suggested by some dialogue from the new update, or the new armor ornament from Zavala that mentions a Hunter Vanguard armor set called The Took Offense (I've always read or thought aloud that 'TOOOC' is 'Took', it may have brought it back to mind?)(And I can't think of Took without thinking about Lord of The Rings, but I digress)

Given Schedonnardus' or Claude's attempts at the beginning of the Acronym, which do seem quite plausible, and the end which I have proposed, is there any chance we could solve out the middle?

You Would Never Believe That G... A... S... T... Totally Out Of Our Control
You Will Not Beat This Game Alone Sucka, Thats Totally Out Of Our Control

Any guesses? (keep it clean? Relatively speaking)

Had an idea pass across my mind the other day. What if it could be a comical little dig or remark about the first time Bungie asked Activision if they could put a special acronym on the back of the box? I'm pretty sure Activision probably would not understand the ritual at all.

You Would Never Believe That Goddamn Activision Said, "That's Totally Outside Of Our Control"

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