Spider Tanks; or, musings on BL2 and Destiny (Destiny)

by Jabberwok, Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 10:16 (3914 days ago) @ SonofMacPhisto

I'm not remembering any spider tanks in Borderlands 2 or any of the DLCs, unless you're talking about something that's in one of the 'Ultimate Vault Hunter' packs. Don't have that. Glad people still say spider tank instead of devil walker. I doubt I will change.

I would say the Halo series had about the right amount of taking itself seriously for me, with the one exception being Reach, but Reach's more serious tone seemed warranted. Here's hoping the writing will be closer to the first couple games, and less of some of the terrible one-liners in Halo 3. But by comparison, Halo 4 seems to have upped the taking-itself-too-seriously factor by a good bit.

On the flip side, goofiness is definitely not what I'm looking for in Destiny. But some decent humor, and some nods to the various clichés at work wouldn't go amiss. One of the reasons Johnson worked so well in the first couple Halo games is that you could tell he knew he was just Apone from Aliens.

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