But we have a group already... (DBO)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, September 13, 2013, 12:19 (3257 days ago) @ RC


I know it's 'HBO' but can't you rename groups anyway? With only being allowed 10 active memberships I don't really want to see a proliferation of b.org-related sub-groups on b.net


For the longest time I wouldn't accept people into that group unless they lived SORT of close to south-central Connecticut - the group was specifically to help organize LANs at my house. (I pretty much opened membership after I knew I was leaving.)

I discovered yesterday, though, that if you leave a group, you still follow it - I think that means you still get notifications when news gets posted, unless it's marked as group-only. So almost all the benefits. Sort of. ;)

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