Loved Avalanche (Gaming)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, April 16, 2018, 18:23 (436 days ago) @ Durandal

Avalanche didn't really recapture the magic of Sidewinder for me. I loved Sidewinder, but Avalanche just wasn't the same. Blood Gulch remained classic fun as Coagulation, and Valhalla was a great re-imagining of the map, but Avalanche didn't make the transition as well.

I didn't really like Blackout as a remake of Lockout either, although Guardian was a really great follow-up.

Man, Halo 3 was really freaking good. We should totally set up a Halo 3 night, either with MCC or with backwards compatibility. I'll drop $20 to get Halo 3 in 4K--I've been meaning to buy that and Reach anyway (And I'd love to see them give Reach a One X enhancement).

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