Warmind DLC Thoughts and Stuff (Criticism)

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Yay. Thoughts and stuff.

Generally I take my time to be understood since words tend towards absolutes far too well on the internet. Yet I need to get this out of my head so I can think about other things. I feel like shit ('cus life) right now so if you don't understand what I have to say well that's too bad. I don't really want to explain anything either, and even if I do, I'm not in my best mindset for this shit right now so it would have to be much farther from this week to elaborate. Far far from this week.

Right...so... what could... possibly... go wrong. /s


It's a shit sandwich, but we knew that already. It's kind of Destines thing at this point. Yet, I'm wrong on that - it's not the story, its the delivery.

The content of the story overall is Superb!

I have grown to really dislike Exposition-bot. That's right, not Nolon-bot, not Ghost... call it what it is. Exposition-bot. SHOW, DON'T TELL! SHOW, DON'T TELL! SHOW, DON'T TELL! BUNGIE if you are just going to have Nolan read a script, then give us a Book already and Scrap the funking game!

Then it occurred to me while playing that... Destiny shouldn't have a Campaign. Its structure as a game fights the Campaign structure. At least the conventional end-to-end happenings "campaign". It should be a living world of story, not an update every X months of rushed exposition story. You're not going to Master Chief Destiny. In other words, I feel that SOMEONE at Bungie is trying to do tricks that worked on Halo in Destiny, but it's not working and it hasn't been for a long time. Destiny is not Halo, Destiny is Destiny.

It's a "Living World", BE A LIVING WORLD! Plus, it would give more time to flesh out the story chapter by chapter, week by week.

I just gave you GOLD Bungie. Make sure to special thank me in the credits /s.

Yeh. Right.


WARMIND DLC Difficulty

It's good - BUT! What ever happened to easy mode hard mode? Why does it have to be baked in? Yeah, its only the first week, and it'll get easier blah-blah-blah, but seriously why is there no setting to adjust this? You're making new problems where there weren't any.

As far as I could tell the issue was that the Hard mode was easy for some, which hey address that. But... end game or not, sometimes I just want to shoot monsters with the fancy guns and space magic to unwind. Why isn't there a difficulty slider? Shoot I'd sometimes love to make patrols harder without the use of escalation protocols sometimes.

Whatever. I'll either just "Get Gud" or not play for a bit if I feel there is no endgame to just chill. No skin of my bones Bungie.

Quality of Life Updates


Good work! Please make shaders (at least) not a cancer. Thank you.

Anything Else?

Yes. Destiny needs more Kittens. Or Tigermen.




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