The Seventh Horseman - New Weapon Revealed! (Destiny)

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"...But at a later time there occurred portentous earthquakes and floods, and one grievous day and night befell them, when the whole body of your warriors was swallowed up by the earth, and launched into the sun"
- Ancient Plato Translation by Scan #1217-b


"The Seventh Horseman may be simple in appearance, but even a simpleton can grasp the majesty of this weapon in action. Crafted of wood before the REDACTED time has turned it into stone with a core of glass, granting the wielder a odd magnification effect; be it of mercy or malice; of battle or repose. Legend states that wielders of this weapon can fell Giants with but a single well placed shot, granting them independence from any potential foe that would ever dear stop them from their destiny. The warlock may have the power of the sun in such ever capable hands, but with this weapon, all shall fear the power of the sun.”


<3 INSANEdrive

As per the usual, this idea has been bouncing around in my noggin for a while – fortunately Bungie has released just enough (at this point Five) Weapon Renderings for me to ‘Shop up the background clean-ish. It isn’t perfect – but it’s darn close with the edits I made and I’m overall happy with the results (some minor nitpickings of course).

Technically, since Bungie has the Best Community manager (so . . . Urk ;) #RedBeardsUnite), I know I could have asked for the background and more-likely-than-not would have had a nice, clean, and very official background to play with – but where would the fun in THAT be! Half the fun after all is in the problem solving.

Also I wanted this as a surprise. (I guess fan minds do think alike!)

Surprise! ^ ___ ^

That’s also why I put it under “Destiny” instead of “Fan Creation”.

On a side note: Does DBO have a wallpapers page? It doesn’t seem to. That other site HBO-BO-BOBO has a fan wallpaper page. Can I haz DBO Wallpapers Page? Thus I send thy artistry.

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