Music of the Spheres poetry part 1 (Destiny)

by OS_Epsilon, Friday, July 06, 2018, 21:30 (2119 days ago)

The exact text of my reddit thread:

First and foremost, Happy Bungie Day from myself (/u/OS_Epsilon) and /u/emblyne!! To celebrate the festivities, we have a surprise. It's no secret we've been working on content with Music of the Spheres. Well now, we are ready to release the first bit of our work. I present to you all, the first piece of the Music of the Spheres poetry by Malcolm Guite. Malcolm calls the collection "Seven Heavens, Seven Hells: A Sequence for the Spheres" and Malcolm is making a post on his blog I will be linking to when it's up.

Huge thanks to Moonvald and My Name is Byf for agreeing to narrate all 16 poems for us!


Obligatory "for those out of the loop". Music of the Spheres is the musical themes and foundation for the Destiny franchise. There are 8 pieces of music written by Martin O'Donnell, Mike Salvatori, and Paul McCartney. This music was not released until very recently despite having been ready to ship 5 years ago. What's not quite common knowledge is that Bungie hired a poet friend of Marty's to write poetry for this music which before today was not released.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the first 2 poems, The Moon is Full.

(and if anyone doesn't know, yes I am the real OS_Epsilon).

EDIT 1 - almost forgot to mention. There's a PDF of a booklet with the poetry written in the video description.

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