The Real End Game: D2Y1 Fashion Show (Destiny)

by Robot Chickens, Friday, August 10, 2018, 11:06 (803 days ago)

Yeah, people get all excited/bunchy about mechanic changes, difficulty settings, sandbox expansions, blah blah blah. Let's be honest about why we're really here: Fashion. Now that we're at the end of the year, lets memorialize our guardians as they looked on the field.

Never forget where you came from. Remember when RNG created this guy?


That was just a bump in our journeys towards aesthetic perfection. So... pop your collars, put on your best shaders and spin for the camera because we want to see the look you've worked so hard to earn.

Bonus: You don't have to add them but I think it'd be fun to add little vignettes from the life of your character so we can get a sense of who they are.

Please submit a maximum of two entries per class. In two weeks (Friday, August 24) I'll collate them into poll and we can vote for the best in each class the following week. You win nothing but the respect of your fellow aesthetes unless someone wants to volunteer actual prizes.

Here's my entries

Hunter Formal

She always hated formal occasions. Too much small talk with people wrapped up in their titles. But, if you've got to go, you might as well wear your best and elegance masked her purpose suitably.

Hunter Tactical

She's faster than you. She's smarter than you. She's tracking you. The void will reach out and you will perish amongst your allies in it's embrace.


There was always more research to do, more experiments to be done, more tomes be written. He longed for white walls. He rationalized his forays into violence as an inconvenient distraction to his life's work. Just one more body and he could surround himself with his beakers and equipment, hidden behind their sterile assurance. As time passed through him, the white walls seemed to stretch, expanding further and further into the cosmos.


A single spear, hurled into the choas of battle plunges into their champion's heel, breaking their resolve and dispursing their onslought. The wreckage in his wake may have appeared random, but his destructive path belied uncanny precision. Many fell mistaking him for Paris, only recognizing his true nature as darkness set in. He was the spear.

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