Is Datto's Video worth reviewing? (Fireteam Builder Events)

by Chappy, Arlington, VA., Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 10:28 (803 days ago) @ kidtsunami

Watching it with your description was pretty illuminating.

Happy to help; glad you found it useful. I could only watch via subtitles as work-

Some differences in terminology, of course, but I agree with most of what he describes - it's basically the same strategy except for DPS, where he's using the original sniper strategy for DPS that I didn't mention (oops). I think full auto Shotguns in a healing/empowering rifts against a melting-pointed boss with Arc Striders is the easiest/safest strategy, but with Whisper available now the sniper strategy probably deserves another look. The downside of Whisper or Sleeper is that they're a bit harder to use in a pinch when managing regular and yellow-bar adds.

If you're using snipers for DPS, you should juggle balls (after the ships are destroyed) at the front of the room as in that video, not the back by the glass. The throws to Calus-bot's hand are a little tougher from there, but you're closer to the "golden" rooms from which you'll take your sniper shots (though it looks like Datto used the back corner rooms for that). For non-sniper strats, juggle balls in the back where you'll be close to the boss for starting DPS. There aren't many ads there and they're easier for one person to manage per side (with the other person holding a ball in cover).

Note that I still recommend the ball juggling be done as teams of 3-2-1 and not 2-2-2. That takes the pressure off 3 guardians, and the last ball doesn't need to be passed before it's thrown so one person can handle it.

I disagree that Hunters should use Celestial Nighthawk; sure it's decent and fast, but Hunters can do far more damage with Arc Strider slams with Raiden flux, and they're nearly invincible standing by the boss in masterworked armor. I'd also recommend nova over dawnblade, since you can fire it quickly and then get to cover and the damage isn't significantly different. Titans should be moving (towards cover) when they're throwing hammers.

Melting point is a huge help - try to get that in the moment the shield drops (or the second before). If you've got two titans, have the second hit with melting point during his final stand to make that much easier.

Neither I or Datto mentioned it, but during final stand don't pick up a second ball (unless it was already thrown by another player and missed Val). Everyone is engulfed at that point and will die in 15 seconds unless they touch a ball, so if you pick up a second ball and throw it at Val, you're killing a team mate.

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