Have To Rip The Bandaid... (Criticism)

by breitzen @, Kansas, Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 10:01 (685 days ago) @ Morpheus

Well, it'll be years and years before we see any definitive results—and it's not like I have anything to bet, really...but I feel confident in my hunch. I'm skeptical that a 3rd game will be made, but I'm certain if it is, it'll be the last game in that series.

*Expansions that are as big as the game don't count. I'm looking at you, Taken King! Anything that requires the base game is off limits. ;-)

My response was focused on the "if they make it that far".

D3 may be the last game, but probably not because of financial/critical success or failure. But because they as a studio have shown that they don't ever want to get stuck doing the same thing forever. We KNOW that Jason Jones is thinking about the next project. We KNOW Bungie has funding for their next project. And they may decide to only make D2 expansions for the future (I doubt it, but its possible), does that mean your hunch is correct? Or Does 4 years of quality expansions mean you're wrong? The argument is vague enough to easily defend it no matter what happens.

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