Q's about Forging (Destiny)

by marmot 1333 @, Friday, December 28, 2018, 22:27 (516 days ago)

I am confused about how the game decides which options you are given as far as weapon frames and when you receive powerful gear.

I believe my first weapon frame options this week were AR, Sword, and Hand Cannon. I already had/did the AR and HC so I chose the sword. I completed the sword and got a decent roll.

I've already done both the bounties that give you ballistics logs this week. I currently have 1 ballistics log in my inventory.

Cool cool cool, now I want to work on my ARs--but I only have the option to buy another sword frame for 6 Modulus Reports.

My questions:
Did I spend a ballistics log on the first sword frame?

Why can't I currently choose a different frame, like an AR or a HC? I thought last week I could choose between the Pulse Rifle and something else that I didn't care about as much as the Pulse Rifle. However, this week it is only giving me one choice of frame?

If I had chosen a different frame at first (The AR), would I now have the option to grind more ARs for Modulus Reports?

Why does this frame cost Modulus Reports instead of Ballistics Logs?

How do I know when I will get max power gear and when I won't? The only pattern I am sure of is the first "weapon frame" (not to be confused with "research weapons frames") I complete each week will be 650. Sometimes I get other 650 gear when I complete a forge and I'm not sure why. Is this tied to doing each forge the first time each week??

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