Music Respawn Podcast--Pieter Schlosser and Mike Salvatori (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, January 08, 2019, 17:51 (169 days ago)

The most recent episode of the Music Respawn Podcast features Pieter Schlosser, who composed (and conducted) some music for Forsaken. And older episode that I don't think got posted here featured Mike Salvatori after the Forsaken launch.

I like this podcast quite a bit. There's not too much detail, but it's nice to get a peak behind that curtain, and it's great to see recent Destiny music get highlighted. Someone (Cody?) said none of the recent Destiny music stands out, and this podcast highlights a bunch of great pieces that are a big argument against that statement in my book. While I think some of the recent stuff does feel like it's missing a bit of that Marty magic sometimes, I think the music team at Bungie has done an absolutely stellar job of expanding the themes of Destiny, and I think Forsaken might be the strongest since The Taken King in terms of the music really setting the tone of the campaign and the spaces (seriously, I absolutely love the Dreaming City's music, and it fits that place so perfectly).

Pieter Schlosser episode

Mike Salvatori episode

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