Guardian Radio calling it quits. (Destiny)

by digital_ronin, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 08:21 (227 days ago) @ Cody Miller

Funny, I've had the same thought but as a twitch stream. One person plays and there are commentators that talk about the game, trying to go deep into the mechanics, critical receptions, lore, design, how the series evolved, other games it influenced, etc.

This series from The Ringer is the kind of material that I like, weaving in personal reflection with game design and history:

I'm not sure how you'd tackle massive games like Baldur's Gate (maybe bounce around between saves on stream), but that was a defining game for me.

Other games that would be worth exploring: Dead Space, The Uncharted series, Metal Gear Solid 4, ODST and Reach compared to the Halo 1-3, Deus Ex, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect.

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