Suggestion Box or: HBOstalgia

by Ibeechu ⌂ @, Portland, OR, Monday, February 11, 2013, 20:56 (4032 days ago)

Some things I've been mentally saying while browsing this forum.

I wish *NM* was still a thing

I miss the reply box being at the bottom of a post, with the post automatically quoted

No kidding, I prefer not having an edit button. Forces you to think your post through more than usual

The whole aesthetic is very muddled. HBO was really, really simple, but the aesthetic was spot on and consistent. Although I can't really fault you guys for this one yet. The forum's still brand new and I'm sure it'll be tweaked. At the moment, it's just so 2005 fan-fiction forum

Don't know if any of these are fixable or to what extent. Also, I hope this doesn't come off as sounding entitled or something; I don't want to make you guys do more work. It's because I adore HBO's forums and think they work extremely well. It just feels like these are trying to imitate HBO's surface without exploiting what made the forums so great.

Again, it's probably mostly the aesthetic. I really thank you guys for throwing this forum up here for us. Just wanted to drop these suggestions in the hat, if there is one.

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