Destin3 wishlist: leveled patrol instances/difficulty select (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Saturday, February 02, 2019, 15:32 (528 days ago)

I've been thinking a bit lately about the patrol spaces and public events.

Beyond the Dreaming City, they've become largely irrelevant to the game. I enjoy dipping into them every so often and just dinking around, but their actual value to the late game experience of playing Destiny is almost nil.

We just had a little discussion about doing the Heroic versions of Public Events. I still maintain that it's just not worth it, unless you have a bounty that specifically calls for Heroic Public Events, or are on a quest step that requires a specific one.

Instancing patrol spaces based on light level could fix those problems. Matchmake people into appropriately leveled instances based on their power level. Maybe every 100 power, just like the strikes playlists?

Now, when you're at the level cap, Public Events will still be a challenge (maybe even extra challenging for better drops and a chance at exotics?). No more will we argue about which events are worth doing the Heroic version or whether we should just take the eight seconds to burn the Spider Tank instead of standing around for an extra four minutes for no reason. (:

I like Destiny's seamless matchmaking in patrol spaces with randoms, but I've hit the point where I wonder if the concessions that requires are worth the trade off. Could a version of Destiny where you just load into patrol with your fireteam be a better game? I'm thinking about something like Diablo here (or even Borderlands), where you just join the leader's instance (with an actual difficulty selection!). Imagine being able to load into a super hard version of patrol for improved drops with your fireteam. Even the most menial patrol missions could become fun challenges that are worth doing.

The Dreaming City was a good step forward in terms of a fun, end-game patrol space, but even that has become pretty trivial now. Continuing to level that instance as our power increases would be a good way to keep things interesting. Imagine being able to load into the Dreaming City right now, at your current power level, and have it be as challenging as it was the first week we set foot there. Hell, imagine loading into the EDZ and having the option to make it feel that challenging, where stopping the glimmer mining event is an actual test of skill, and not a snoozefest of obliterating the Fallen before they even reach the ground.

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