HaloFest 2.0 (Gaming)

by Revenant1988 ⌂ @, How do I forum?, Wednesday, February 06, 2019, 16:55 (543 days ago) @ Bones

You know, I have a family member that lives just over 20 minutes away from the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Chicago. Ticket prices aren't that steep, either.

I'm seriously considering buying tickets; the Hall of History would be worth the trip alone.

Well friend, I am definitely going to one of them!

Currently it is between Florida and Philly, but if you tell me you are for sure going to the Chicago date I will forsake the others to catch up with you <3

For real tho, let me know. Wife is limited to days off. I gotta commit to one fast.

There is still time to stop the key from turning...

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