Experimenting with a new Gambit loadout (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Friday, February 08, 2019, 18:33 (224 days ago)
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Just for the heck of it, I tried jumping into Gambit using my competitive weapons (Luna’s Howl and Mountaintop). By sheer dumb luck, I’ve stumbled into not just a new loadout that I really like, but an entirely different approach to playing Gambit.

In the past, my ideal Gambit loadout has looked something like this: Sleeper or Thousand Voices in the heavy slot, Ikelos Shotgun, and whatever primary I’m in the mood for (usually a bow or pulse rifle). My favourite subclasses are typically Hammer Titan or Chaos Reach warlock, due to their high boss DPS potential. My approach would be to use my primary weapon for general Add clearing, Shotgun for blockers, Power weapon for invading/countering invaders, super for bosses.

I’m often fairly successful in Gambit, but this setup does often leave me in situations where I feel a bit stuck. I’m not much use invading if I don’t have heavy ammo, clearing blockers is a pain if I’m out of shotgun ammo, and if I get to the boss without my super, I’m not going to be dishing out much damage. And because each element of my loadout is dedicated to a specific use, I’m hesitant to change things up (use heavy to clear blockers, for example) as it will inevitably leave me vulnerable or ineffective in the near future.

That’s where this new loadout is different. I don’t rely on Heavy ammo for anything. I use my primary and secondary weapons for basically everything. Both are great for clearing Adds and blockers, and thanks to all the practice I have with them in the crucible, I’m quite effective invading and countering invaders with them. They also happen to do great boss DPS for their respective slots. I pair them up with an Orpheus Rig Teather so that I gain a frequent, multi-purpose super. All of this works together to create a build where I feel far more flexible than before, all without ever requiring heavy ammo. This shift seems to help my team quite a bit, too. Since I can consistently invade and score 2-4 kills without using Heavy ammo, my teammates are free to collect all the heavy over the course of each round. And that means that by the time we summon our Primeval, we usually have enough heavy ammo as a team to burn it quite quickly.

I cut together a few clips to show what I’m talking about. The real highlight is that none of these clips involve using heavy ammo:

I don’t think the specific weapons that I’m using are particularly crucial to this play style... they’re just the ones I’ve found effective. I’m curious if anyone else has come up with any Gambit loadouts that are similarly flexible without depending on Heavy weapons?

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