The Gunsmith's Apprentice: Open Fire (Fan Creations)

by Dan de Board @, Friday, October 04, 2013, 18:04 (2939 days ago)

Good evening everyone, I'm Dan de Board, over of Bungie and 3D computer graphics student. Tonight I'm here with what I hope to be my continuing contribution to the Destiny community. I've been really inspired by the Destiny Drawing Boards that have shown up here over the past few weeks so I thought 'Why don't I try making my own guns?'

The answer was simple, as you can most likely see.


While I'm not quite finished with my first Apprentice entry, I thought I'd share with you the Open Fire, a machine gun for the Heavy slot. To go with each finished piece, I'll add a detailed bit of lore behind the weapon. Anyways, enjoy!

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