Eh, It's Been Rough. (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Thursday, April 18, 2019, 20:24 (474 days ago) @ Morpheus

My doctor(one of them anyway) says I'm up to 35%--which is obviously better, but still very low. What's really hit so hard this month is that my recovery has been almost completely halted by allergy season. What used to be an annoying bout of inconvenience is now a compound of conditions that have me fighting for each day. It's horrible! Recent lab work says my white blood cell count is high, and my body is either a) attempting to fight off some viral infection or b) has already fought it off and is now triaging the situation. Either way, the antibiotics they gave me is helping, but the side effects are hell. Breathing in takes effort, my stomach flaps like a plastic bag held down by its handles, my left ankle swells up like the Nutty Professor, I cough so hard I get muscle cramps, and my circadian rhythm is absolutely wrecked.

Possibly related, I found out my left eye is turning on its own, and I'll have to wear glasses to(hopefully) correct it. I don't mind that much, but it looks like that terribly creepy scene in The Cloverfield Paradox right before the Russian guy explodes. But hey! I managed to survive to this birthday; best I can do is keep fighting for the next. ;-)

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