Some interesting numbers from Braytech. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 20:47 (121 days ago) @ cheapLEY


Huh. I guess if you don't use the full URL, it defaults to using the DBO forum URL as the prefix.

I'm not familiar with most of the Destiny tracking sites, so maybe this is common. I just noticed that Braytech shows some interesting numbers.

819,252 players are tracked on Braytech (I assume this the number of players that have used Braytech at least once, linking their b.net account).

Of those, 555,669 players have played during the current season.

320,840 players have played since the last reset.

I wonder if those percentages are anywhere close to accurate for the entire playerbase.

Only 39% of Braytech players have logged into Destiny 2 this week (granted, it's only Wednesday, and maybe a bunch of people play over the weekend--I'll try to remember to check that number on Sunday). Only 67% of Braytech players have played Destiny 2 this season.

Keep in mind Braytech is a relatively new site (the first post on this forum about it was on November 13, 2018). In that post, Cruel said it was a new site, so I'll believe him. So the player dropoff is even more extreme than that (although, 67% of players participating in the current season would be pretty impressive, I think).

No real point to be made here, I just think it's interesting to see those numbers. I wish I knew how far off they are from real numbers. I'd have to imagine pretty significantly--I can't imagine the majority of players linking their bungie.net account to a Destiny tracking site.

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