My Impression: TL;DR - "Turns out, *People* play this game." (Destiny)

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Alt title - "Well... Shoot"

I was SO CLOSE to being finished my "little" directors cut write up. Now Luke comes in here and starts saying stuff that makes me feel feelings and such. IT'S HORRIBLE!

It sounds, reading this, like they are finally doing (or are able?) what has been already said. I'm pretty sure this was the sell back in the Destiny 1 Beta. In essence "No matter your work and life balance, we want you to have some fun in Destiny". But does this mean, as I mention in my "little" write up, that they are going to -FINALLY- to any extent, get the game out of it's own darned way?

We all love the chase—that perfect roll!—but we all play differently. Year 3 will add more transparency and predictability while still giving you the RNG option for the unexpected gear or roll you didn’t know you loved until you got it.


Progression, or How Differently You All Play Destiny
For many of us, Destiny 2 is a regular hobby, but how that hobby fits in with our lives is different. We have players who play every day, we have players who have 10–15 hours a week, and we have players who log in for whatever time they can spare. Every season, Destiny 2 will change, and the community working on changing the world together means that we want all of our community to be able to be a part of it.


But again, all of you play Destiny 2 differently, and when we say we want the whole community to be part of how the world changes every season, we keep coming back to giving players the choice of how they want to spend their time. ...

Hope. Ueeh.... hope. Bleh. Bah-Humbug.

The other overall topic is basically a building of expectation for how Destiny 2 is going to change. "F" for those of you with FOMO. No real thoughts about this for the moment, mostly because they are all occupied with the main topic mentioned.

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