No grenade launcher nerfs in Shadowkeep (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, August 30, 2019, 11:35 (177 days ago) @ Harmanimus

Only things I could think of is auto-reloading mechanics are replaced by much faster reloads or costing more ammo from reserve than a 1:1. Like a 1:2 cost or something.

I'd be happy with them going away completely.

I suppose just replacing those auto-reloads with an automatic Outlaw speed reload would be a decent middle ground. They could also toy with making Lunafactions work like Actium War Rig. Just have it slowly feed ammo into the bottom of the magazine, so you'll have to reload at some point but not as often. Doesn't really work with the current grenade launcher meta, but, eh, who cares? Might make it more workable as something that you don't just save for boss DPS. Big bosses are cool, but I want to see more mob based encounters. Where's my Oracles or Abyss equivalent? I don't really think we've seen one yet (the Whisper, Zero Hour, and Bad Juju quests are pretty close, especially Bad Juju).

It'll also mean Whisper of the Worm will return to a place of usefulness without being completely overpowered and broken. If they design encounters well, it'll be a legitimate tradeoff between quick bursts of very high DPS with Whisper, or the higher ammo capacity of something like DARCI. With some tuning, they might be able to justify moving Whisper in the Energy slot and free up a back-up heavy weapon slot.

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