*Educational Response* (Destiny)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| \[T]/, Saturday, August 31, 2019, 14:56 (174 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Educational (and allegorical) response aside, thanks to so many waves, the former rough edges that would have caught on and chipped out some emotional whodahda are no longer there. As I said in my "what if", it alone is not worth the "outrage". I'm surprised for this Raid Reskin be true, as this is a time saving measure. I'm surprised that even the raids can incur a cut or two (for lack of a better way of saying it). Also slightly bummed out, but... I concur cheapLEY. If it looks flippen' cool, which they are focusing on more now with Armor 2.0, there's no issue. It's all skin deep. Heh... literally. I look forward to more information.

That said... Harmanimus. 10 Days later means +10 Points for Ravenclaw. :P

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