Shadowkeep Emblems - first come, first serve! (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Sunday, September 01, 2019, 08:24 (318 days ago)

Hey, all. Thanks to the kindness of a Bungie employee, I have a solid handful of 'The Moon Stirs' emblem codes (they're giving these away at PAX, if you buy stuff or if you play).


If you want one of these, drop your name in this thread. I'll distribute them when I'm next in front of this computer (which might not be right away; there's a lot going on offline right now ;) ).

I'm being vague about the number because I don't actually know what the total is; I think I have about 10 right now, but I'm headed back in to play a little more this morning, so it's possible I'll have another few by the time I come home.

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