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by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Friday, September 13, 2019, 11:28 (2 days ago) @ Kermit

So this evening, thanks to the kindness (and skill) of a bunch of DBOers, I finally finished the Crown of Sorrow raid, which finished the Moments of Triumph seal. So I went to Bungie.net to buy the medallion.

Like all the other medallions, it costs $777,777, but finishing the seal gets you a discount code.

Unfortunately, this time, the store got a little wonky... the code decreased the cost of the medallion... but didn't adjust the tax.



Glad you got it! Who was the sixth?

Incoming mini-rant.

I've had my own trouble with the Bungie store. They keep sending me email saying they didn't charge me the $5 dollar fee for customization of the triumph shirt, and for me to contact them to confirm I want it. (I ordered it, but that's not good enough now I guess.) I've emailed them back twice saying yes, I want the customization and I'm still getting emails as if I haven't responded. Guess I'm supposed to call them, but really it's their mistake they didn't charge me, I obviously ordered it, and now I'm hassled about it because they screwed up, and it's beholden on me to make sure they're able to charge me $5 before they go forward. Blah. I spent a decade in retail--at this point good customer service would be for them to eat the charge and give me what ordered if the snafu is their fault.

In the past I've had the bad habit of not opening packages from them right away or examining items closely. Not great when they given me the wrong size or something is missing that's on the invoice, and that's happened.

I used their Customer Contact form since they weren't acknowledging my replies to their emails asking for a reply.

They emailed me an invoice to pay the $5. They also sent an email saying they'd sent the invoice, asking me to pay it, and then asking me to contact them to tell them I paid it. "If you do not contact me back here, I may not see that the invoice has been paid and it may result in further delay of your order."

They have issues to work out, I'd say. I can't recall ever working so hard to give someone $5.

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