Found the start of a new exotic quest (Destiny)

by Dust223, Saturday, October 05, 2019, 17:20 (235 days ago)

Quest is called Diving Fragmentation

To find it go to where the raid starts on the moon in patrol mode.
(Spawn at Sorrow's Harbor, head back to where we first landed on the moon at the start of Shadow Keep aka the Lunar Battle Grounds, Once there go to the part of the area with all the Hive fortifications, there is a large cave on one side of this area, Inside that is the start of the raid.)

Once you get there the large vex gate will start spawning adds, kill three waves of adds and a boss will spawn, kill it and you will get the item that starts the quest.

Next step wants me to analyze a vex core, gonna try running through a vex offensive see if that works, will report back.

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