Shenanigans in Mayhem (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, October 28, 2019, 15:56 (217 days ago)

Yeah, yeah, what else is new, right?

This is pretty weird.

You might want to actually view it at GamerDVR, because I had to download it and step through it in a video app to see what was going on.

Just before the start of the clip, I toss a blade barrage; you can see the notification in my kill feed as the clip begins.

I don't kill anyone with it... at least not at first.

11 seconds in, there's a notification in the feed (but not the center of the screen) that I've killed OwenTheGamer011 with a blade barrage; I haven't thrown one in at least 11 seconds. Okay, whatever.

At the 20 second mark, I throw another one. I kill bullgrt, and it shows up both in the kill feed (bottom left) and the center of the screen (with points).

But wait... the center of the screen says I've got 6 points, not 3, because I also killed OwenTheGamer011! (I'm pretty sure he wasn't anywhere around.) The killfeed does not corroborate.

At 36 seconds, I walk out a doorway into an unfortunate situation; Cadgix is casting a Nova bomb. There ain't no way that's not hitting me.

Except... it doesn't hit me. Because a shield, from OwenTheGamer011 has killed me instead.

But wait... I killed him too! With a blade barrage! Even though I didn't throw one! (This is why I grabbed the clip in the first place.) And as my death cam rotates, you can see he's all the way on the other side of the map; there's a TINY chance that he really did throw a shield that somehow threaded its way through walls and doorways and killed me... but there's NO chance that my nonexistent blade barrage could have done the same in reverse.

(This one shows up in both the kill feed AND the center of the screen.)


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