Destiny Is A Freaking Troll. (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Wednesday, November 06, 2019, 10:22 (110 days ago)

So I get back from the hospital, Shadowkeep pre-loaded, ready to jump in, and bam! No-warning cutscene with the introduction to the Season of the Undying. Right after I promised to help Cody with the missing cutscenes, too. Okay then! So I plug in my capture card, record Shadowkeep stuff, then I hear word about some other cutscene that's going to play when people log in this time. Okay, thanks for the warning, Insane--so I get my stuff ready, and every time I sign on to Destiny 2 for a full week, I press record just in case. 'Yo Destiny, are you going to play that cutscene any time soon?' Sign in to multiple characters, let the notifications pass, try at different points in the week...NOPE.

Fine, whatever.

So I eventually do the 'Beyond' mission in the game. Record cutscenes for that, go visit Eris, yada yada yada. So I don't see any quest markers on my map anymore--Okay, looks like the campaign part of Shadowkeep is over! I figure there must be a cutscene or two for Garden of Salvation, but I am nowhere near high enough for it, so we'll cross that bridge later. I turn my Xbox off, unplug my capture card, and go to bed. Next morning, I turn on, log in and bam. A post-ending log-on Shadowkeep cutscene.

You anus.

TLDR; the cutscenes are more-or-less done, in the worst way imaginable. One had a Rahool mask on, another had a quest step to appear right at the beginning, and I missed two because Bungie are acting like 14-year olds. I think I'll have to try again on my Hunter.

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