Trying something for future streams (controller capture) (Destiny)

by FyreWulff, Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 09:19 (277 days ago)

So, I need to build a controller play capture setup for developing my own games (lets me see what complications/hand movements are needed, a heatmap of controller use over time, etc) and decided to try one of the many controller view options out there.

So this is me playing a match on PC with a PS4 controller.

I also did a version from another match with an actual video feed with a mini-camera someone got me for christmas right here: The physical view is most useful to me, but part of the issue is remembering to keep the controllers in the camera's "box" so that you can actually see my hands. the 2D does show all inputs but can't show situations where I have to claw or other situations. I might try to get both done at the same time, but would like to figure out the having to keep my controller in a specific spot issue (controller mounted super light camera??)

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