Huh. It's still asking me for permission. :( (DBO)

by ManKitten, The Stugotz is strong in me., Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 18:09 (1561 days ago) @ Malagate

Weird. I combed through older emails and I saw a couple requests I'd missed, but yours was not in there. Try sending the request again?


Okay, resent... but if I'm on the spreadsheet, doesn't it mean I had access at one point?

Indeed. There was some kind of permissions snafu early on when it was open for edits, where it was visible to other parties within the platform somehow. An accquaintance of Mankitten's (not associated with Destiny fandom in any way) somehow ended up with access to it in their Drive, so I made adjustments. I think the frequency of updates just lagged a bit, so requests have been trickling in with use. I'll make sure I at least post any similar updates to the forum (as well as updating the original post) when I make changes.


Yeah, it was possibly all my fault. I'm willing to bet that I was unknowingly signed into my friends account when I joined the spreadsheet. (I help run a few youtube channels and was helping them during that time.) So when she logged in to her account, she and her class accessed the exotics list.

This is what happens when I get involved with...things.

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