D1 stat issue (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, February 03, 2020, 10:59 (57 days ago) @ BLOOD 0F GANON

I have been have issues with Destiny 1 not showing up in my Destiny Item Manager. I've tried checking all of my setting on Bungie.net and making sure stats and data appears on 3rd party sites like Destinytracker, DIM, Time Wasted on Destiny and I only see D2 stats.

I haven't deleted any characters from D1 and I still play to this day for the raids and Private matches. Any help will do. I've tried reaching out on Bungie.net help forums and no replies.

Just to be clear: You're saying that when you look at the 'Accounts' section of DIM, you see only your D2 info?

This is what I see:


When I look on B.net, I actually don't see any way to separate my D1 and D2 activity; it links the GAMERTAG, not the game. (I actually can't find any way to see my D1 activity in any capacity on B.net, but apparently the API's still working, since DIM sees it just fine.)

So does DestinyTracker, for that matter... sort of. I have to go to 'Legacy', then 'D1', then search for myself. But the stats are there (looks like I haven't logged in since December 2017 - wow).

Not sure what's happening with you. :(

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