Zer gud. (Gaming)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Wednesday, February 05, 2020, 23:54 (259 days ago) @ Cody Miller

It's been ages since I've spent time in KRZ, but I can't recall anything that nailed a retro feel so well, while making artful use of newer technologies to enhance that method of presentation. I could go on and on about all the aspects that make it such a rich experience.

Hopefully we'll have some more discussion about it here as folks get through it. I'm going to reinstall sometime this week and get back into it.

Yeah, it’ll be nice to have a thread where I don’t complain about anything! I’ll start one I’m a few days when I finish act 5.

Wow. So I kind of feel like I played the next great American novel. Lots to talk about.

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