ooh, awesome (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Friday, February 07, 2020, 17:41 (21 days ago) @ Claude Errera

Turns out that you can only slowly float forward or backward, not normal movement.

You do have to keep spamming the attack to keep it going, but if you have burst glide, you do have enough time to hit that and burst in either direction, and if you stop once you’re in the air, you’ll keep gliding in any direction, more or less the same as a normal Super.

I was able to Solo a heroic Public event on the Gulch with it, chasing down the ships across the map without real trouble.

Even better, if you suppress them, they stay in super (but can't fight with guns). It might be fun to go in as a Sentinel Titan. :)

If only that persisted after death, making them useless for the rest of the match. That’ll learn em!

I’ve already been reported for it once. For doing it in a strike. :P

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