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by Vortech @, A Fourth Wheel, Saturday, March 21, 2020, 15:17 (111 days ago)

Having more time on our hands has meant I'm going back and doing things I meant to do but never did. And, it's remarkably hard to get good tools or strategies for it. A couple examples:

I figured with the broken Zero Hour now would be a good time to do the shop/bonus catalyst quest. Week one everything was great, but last (this? time has lost al meaning) week not so much. There are two big tools I found for decoding the terminals, and one is not outputting accurate info for the Void week, and the other "automagically" picks the week for you, except it was showing as a solar week when it was void so it was 100% useless. We need up needing to use a spreadsheet someone made that served as the basis for the broken tools, and it worked.

In a different way, age is hurting us for the old raids. We kept failing Morgeth last night because none of the old strategies worked without ammo/reload abilities that got taken away. We decided we just can't 1-phase anymore, but by then it was too late at night. it makes the fight much more technical challenging.

What's interesting to me is how these two issues with old content are different and how I feel about them. The console problem is not OK with me, because AFAIK, Bungie designed this to be something that was crowd-sourced, and so you don't have a hope at figuring it out yourself except with brute-force trial and error that is probably impractical, but CERTAINLY not going to be fun for one group to do. (If I'm wrong, let me know I still can't figure out how this thing was designed to be solved and online stuff I find is more interested in giving instruction than documenting the solve.)

The harder fight, though, seems like something that you can try to work out with your team and still have a good time. it's a bit of the blind raid come back. (especially with the last wish giving you the ability to pick a checkpoint). I think this has some relevance for how they should design challenges in the game in the future, and I think it has some relevance given the planned obsolescence of gear. How do you think Bungie should support older content still in the game. Anything they should be doing re: testing changes? Should they assume people will go back and get contemporaneous beer for the content, or assume newer players will play with what they have from more recent stuff? Anything they can or should be doing to encourage the community to keep this stuff current in conversation (including talking like the 1960's Batman announcer?)

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