Question about armor infusion (Destiny)

by marmot 1333 @, Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 08:01 (66 days ago)

OK. With weapons, if you have the same weapon, you can infuse it for 1000 glimmer.

I thought this was also the case for armor, but only seems to work some of the time. Does anyone know what the actual current rules are?

Here are my few known data points:

* seven seraphs non-MW'd armor, infused up by a seven seraphs non-MW'd armor = 1000 glimmer
* Ancient Apocalypse Mark 2.0 MW'd , infused up by Ancient Apocalypse non-MW'd = 1000 glimmer
* Substitution alloy greaves MW'd, infused up by substitution alloy greaves non-MW'd = 1 upgrade module
* armor 1.0 4/5 MW, infused up by current season armor 2.0 version non-MW'd = 1 upgrade module

Does it have to do with Masterworked gear? Does it have to do with being the same elemental affinity??? I can't figure it out.

I looked around online and I couldn't find any current season information on upgrading.

I was hoping to save on upgrade modules by just spending glimmer, but I had only very few opportunities where that was possible. The rules seem confusing and kind of inconsistent to me so far.

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