Yikes...Sorry... (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Sunday, April 05, 2020, 20:08 (60 days ago) @ Morpheus

Somebody said it to me on...Wednesday, I think it was? Anyway I instantly thought “Bug.” The reason I didn’t say anything, I guess falls in line with Insane’s comic; I thought everyone already knew. I’m usually late on this kind of stuff, so I apologize. Not to mention the one day we tried it, due to the difficulty it wasn’t even worth it...

Ah. I guess you didn't really read Insane's post. He wasn't telling you that the nightfall rewards were bugged (yes, that was figured out super-early, we ran a bunch on Wednesday as well), he was telling you that Bungie confirmed that the bug was map-specific.

THAT'S interesting, because if you thought "ooh, I like double rewards, but they don't have an update planned for Tuesday, so I can just take advantage next week", Insane's heads-up tells you no, you can't.

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