A glitch, worth trying on the IO bunker (starting tomorrow) (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, April 06, 2020, 16:25 (59 days ago)

This may have already been fixed - it was found right after the Moon bunker opened, so it's possible Bungie did something about it in one of the recent hotfixes - but it's worth checking, anyway.

Bunkers have 7 levels of upgrades (use warmind bits to buy upgrades, which give you chipsets - 7 chipsets get you a new bunker level). Each time you level a bunker up, you get a powerful engram - except for the 7th upgrade, which gives you a pinnacle engram.

Someone discovered that if you upgrade the bunker on one character (to a level below 7), but don't pick up the engram, once the bunker hits 7, that engram converts from a powerful to a pinnacle.


Upgrade the bunker through 4 levels on any character. Pick up the engrams as you go (you have to, otherwise you can't add more chipsets). If you only have 2 characters, go to level 5 at this step. (If you only have one character, ignore this whole post.)

On your first character, upgrade the bunker one level (to 5, if you've got 3 characters, or 6, if you've got 2). DO NOT PICK UP THE ENGRAM.

Switch to your second character. The engram you earned on the last character will not be available, but you WILL be able to upgrade the bunker. Do so, one more level. DO NOT PICK UP THE ENGRAM (unless you've only got two characters).

Switch to your third character. Upgrade the bunker to its 7th level. Pick up the pinnacle.

Switch back to your other characters - the engram waiting for you will be a pinnacle for each.

All of these engrams must be picked up during the same week. (Do not upgrade a bunker and then forget to pick up the engram before the week ends; you will lose it.)

What this means, in real terms, if you don't have a stockpile of Warmind Bits:

Do not upgrade your bunker past level 4 until you have enough chipsets to upgrade it all the way through 7. (That means have 21 chipsets in your inventory before you complete level 5.)

Hope this helps!

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