Some Advice if you (like me) hate Rumble (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, April 27, 2020, 14:18 (28 days ago)

One of the Guardian Games Triumphs involves getting 25 super kills in Rumble. Yeah, you can skip it - unless you want the triumph for getting all the GG triumphs, which means not skipping it.

I hate Rumble. It's full of sweaties with Not Forgottens and Flawless emblems, and it's hard to get kills if you're just a mediocre PvP player. On top of that, because the game's to 20, most people get one (if any) super per match.

Here's how I made it a little less painful for myself. This might make it easier for you, too.

1) Pick a super that allows multiple kills easily. (I.E. stay away from Nova Bomb, Blade Barrage, etc - those are single-use supers, and if folks are bunched up, you can easily get multiples, but in Rumble, they're not.) I went with Stormcaller, Bottom Tree.

2) Pick armor that maximizes your super's duration. A few extra seconds can mean an extra kill or two. (In my case, I skipped this step - I went with Getaway Artist, instead, and used Arc Souls as a wingman. Worked wonders.)

3) Maximize your Intellect, and add whatever mods you have that help build supers. (Dynamo, Distribution, etc) I was getting 2 supers per game because of this.

4) Don't worry about people quitting out after they get their super kills - this is actually HELPFUL. Fewer people in the game generally means slower gameplay, which gives your (hopefully second) super more time to build.

5) Consider Bad Juju, or other weapons that build super energy. You're not trying to win, you're trying to maximize super kills. (Turns out those often go together... but I only learned that after the fact. :) )

6) If you're having a horrible game, go for the guaranteed super kill, don't get greedy. (You can get greedy when you're winning, or when you're on your second super.) If you're in last place, and the winner is 5 kills away from the end of the game, use your super for a single kill rather than losing it because the game ended. If everyone around you starts popping supers, let 'em; don't pop yours to try and shut them down, the risk is that they shut YOU down. Wait until they're done (even if it means dying again) and then use your super when everyone else is out. And so on. :)

Bad games advanced me by a single kill. Good games were 4+ kills. I averaged 2.5 kills/game (took me 10 games to finish the 25 kills). If you focus on the objective (SUPER KILLS, NOT WINS), you'll get this out of the way a lot faster. :) For what it's worth... 3 of those 10 games I won (I had a total of 4 Rumble wins in all of Destiny 2 before yesterday), and 3 more I was in the top 3. (One of those doesn't really count; there were only 3 of us at the end of the game. :) )

Right around reset is a TERRIBLE time to play - it's full of sweats. Evening in the US (7pm eastern on) is also bad. If you can play during the day (maybe 2 hours after reset), I found that was the best time to find folks who were more my level.

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