Join us in Deep Rock Galactic! (Off-Topic)

by stabbim @, Des Moines, IA, USA, Thursday, May 07, 2020, 08:08 (205 days ago)

Do you enjoy co-op shooters? I hate to use the term "horde mode," but it's a thing I guess. Do you have fond memories of Left 4 Dead, or perhaps Mass Effect 3's excellent co-op multiplayer mode? There's a few people from this forum who have been playing Deep Rock Galactic for the past year (or more?) while it's been in game preview/early access. It might be my favorite game of the past couple years, and I invite you to try it out.

There's a lot to get into, and I don't want to make a wall of text, but the basic concept is pretty simple. You and up to 3 other players explore procedurally-generated caves (so it's different every time), looking for materials and completing objectives, while fending off bug-like enemies. Darkness is ever-present, so you all have throw-able light sources to use and manage. All terrain is fully destructible via a pickaxe which all classes have, and some classes have other ways of getting the team where they want to be, so you can always make your own path. In most modes there's also an end scenario where you have to get to an extraction point, which is very intentionally modeled on L4D and pulls it off pretty well. It's a fantastic game, here's a trailer:

Anyway, it's finally getting a full release next week, May 13th. The price is apparently staying at $29.99, so you don't have to buy now to avoid a price hike at release time, but I think there's still a 1-hour trial if you grab it via XBox's game preview so it might be a good time to try it. I think that might be a game preview thing specifically, and if so the free demo time won't be available anymore. Please LMK if you want to, I'll help and there are some others who might be willing - there is a tutorial you have to do on your own, but ideally this game should be experienced co-op so you'd want to jump into a team game as soon as that's over. Difficulty is adjustable over a wide range, so don't worry about skill level! Oh, and PC cross-play with XBox is a thing, BUT you specifically have to buy it from the Windows Store - the Steam version doesn't do it.

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