Anyone up for late-evening raiding tonight? (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Sunday, May 17, 2020, 11:51 (130 days ago)

Okay, this is last-minute, because I was overconfident in being able to fill the slots privately... but I'm hoping there's SOMEONE who can help.

I've got three friends that are long-time Bungie fans (they all worked on HBO with me, two were at the very first Bungie-hosted fanfest at E3 2000, the list goes on), but have only recently gotten into Destiny. They're all mid-900s power level, and they've never raided in D2, and they'd like to rectify that.

So we need 2 people for a first-time Leviathan (Normal) run. I'm guessing that even with the lack of knowledge, we can get it done in a couple of hours - they're decent players, just don't know the specific strats. The biggest problem is that they've got young (well, in one case, not so young) families, and finding a couple of hours to try this has been... difficult. Because tomorrow is a holiday in Canada, two of them can make a Sunday evening, which is why we're trying this tonight.

Start time is not 100% nailed down yet; everyone can make an 8pm (pacific) start, but it's looking like 7 might actually work (so if you're on the west coast, you could be done by 9, and even if you're on the east coast, midnight isn't out of the question).

Are there any helpful souls that might be able to make this work? Thanks in advance! (Not bothering with the FTB, because of the super-short notice.)

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