A pair of vids with a lot of good points (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, May 28, 2020, 10:24 (37 days ago) @ Simpsons Rule

I agree with him more in this one than in the first two!

I'm coming around to the idea that sunsetting isn't really going to affect my enjoyment of the game much at all. I STILL hate the idea that something I worked hard for isn't going to be usable in endgame activities (in the abstract)... but when I look at my actual PLAY in endgame activities... it's probably not going to be super-affected at all.

We did the Garden of Salvation last night. I used the following weapons:

Spare Rations (sunsetting in September 2020, but finding another useable primary will NOT be hard)
Jotunn (not sunsetting)
Wendigo (sunsetting in September 2020, this one makes me sad)
Recluse (Sunsetting in September 2020, finding a replacement is semi-important)
Threat Level (not really worried about finding a decent primary shotgun)
Whisper of the Worm (not sunsetting)

I've got some decent rolls on Interference IV, which should be good for a while, they might take Wendigo's place. We'll see about Recluse.

Also, let's remember: GoS light level is 940, which is currently 100 levels below my max. Using a weapon that's 50 light below current max drops my overall light level by 7 levels... so using Recluse going forward should work in the newest Artifact-enabled endgame content for months after the gun is sunset (at least one season, maybe 2), as long as I stick with newer stuff in other slots. I probably don't want to do that in modes like Iron Banner or Trials... but I haven't used Recluse in either of those modes for quite some time anyway.

My general Trials loadout:

Breachlght (sunsets in a year, I think)
Summoner (sunsets in more than a year)
Sins of the Past (sunsetting in September 2020, but I'm sure i can find a RL with cluster bombs after that)

So: (my experience in) Trials is pretty much unaffected by sunsetting, in the short term

GM Nightfalls: I haven't done any. :(

My knee-jerk reaction to the entire concept had been negative; it seemed pretty disrespectful to tell me, with pretty much minimal notice, that stuff I'd worked on for months (years, in a couple of cases) wasn't going to be viable in the most demanding activities, going forward. It still does, to be honest.

HOWEVER: I'm not actually USING most of that stuff in those activities, anyway. Losing the POTENTIAL to do so is less painful than losing something I ACTUALLY use.

I understand that this is 100% personal; some people DO use that stuff regularly in endgame content, and they WILL have problems finding replacements. But watching Slayerage's vids has made me realize that I'm more disturbed by the IDEA than the actual ACT. I don't want to be told "yes, you like this... but we're going to make it less useful for you, so that we can move on more efficiently."

The counter-argument made by CammyCakes (and others), that they spend months honing their skills using a particular weapon set, and see no value in keeping other weapons around, because any activities they do (endgame or not) will need to be subject to that need for perfection... it doesn't apply to me. It will never apply to me; that's not how I play Destiny, and it's not how I'll EVER play Destiny. (Or any game, really.)

Sunsetting, as a general concept, is offensive to me because it tells me Bungie cares less about MY desires than they do about the health of the game. I don't want to hear that. But Slayerage's arguments let me look at the situation from a slightly more dispassionate place, and if I can get past my feeling of offense, I can understand that my actual enjoyment, going forward, isn't really going to be strongly affected (if at all).

I can live with that.

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