Dr Lupo's !Excellent! Interview with Luke Smith. (Destiny)

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A Twitch Streamer who, as it says on the tin here, goes by "DrLupo" had himself a one-on-one with Luke Smith. It's a pretty good interview for those of us who would like to squeeze out just a little more of what the future of the game, and perhaps even Bungie, will be. We get hints and heads up on elements of Story, Gameplay, In Studio Choices and more.

If there is something in particular you'd like to hear talked about, I went and made a linked playlist here so you can get right to whatever topic you'd like to hear about, though I highly suggest you listen to the whole thing. In that event you do just want to sit back and hear 'em talk, click The Start and sit back. ;D

The Whole thing is around 45 Min or so.


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