Yeah—Beyond Light! lmfao (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Saturday, July 18, 2020, 07:40 (193 days ago) @ ZackDark

I actually just got the code yesterday—one of the moderators of the clan I'm in—she's running raid workshops like, 5 days a week! Yesterday was my day, and even against my apprehension, she and her group got me through all six MoT raids in one day! They even taught me Crown and Garden for the first time!

I'll make a separate post about it sometime later, but to tldr; I do have a code—and I highly appreciate the offer. I'm touched that you guys are still looking out for me! <3

As for affording it, luckily I have plenty of time on my side. The code for the ring doesn't expire until October. And with Beyond Light being pushed back to November, I have even more time to get that pre-ordered too. I probably have enough in the budget to buy it today, but I'm not taking any chances, and I obviously don't need it right now. It can definitely wait.

I made the post because it was kind of a shellshock to me—the last time I wore a ring, it had candy sticking out of it. I never really thought much of rings(I know, I know...the irony) and I never really saw (or looked, tbh) for an appealing piece. But honestly, that one looks so cool....and one thing I've always loved in any fanbase—the subtle reference.

Take the ring for example—if anyone in public sees that, they think...well, whatever they want to think! But when a Destiny player sees it..."Nice, this guy's got the raid ring." Bam. This person GETS it. A common interest, a respectful nod or even a conversation. That's why I want that ring—for those who GET it. ;-)

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